Experience the Difference… in Quality Eyecare!


Professional service always starts with the staff. Our office is experienced, licensed and formally trained and educated to help provide you with the proper care that you deserve. Above all you will find our service to be enthusiastic, thorough and understanding to your needs.


Our office utilizes advanced diagnostic equipment in a modern office to provide you with a thorough exam in a friendly atmosphere where we will be able to explain and answer all of your eyecare needs.

Our diagnostic equipment includes advanced computerized images and high definition photos of the eye for early disease detection.  We also have the latest in technology to accurately measure your spectacle prescription and lens measurements for the clearest and  comfortable vision.


Our goal is to provide you with a diverse range of quality products to maximize your visual performance with style, comfort and protection.

We also offer the following:

  • Our extensive eyewear collection to “Define Your Style”
  • Two Month Warranty on Prescription Changes
  • Spectacle Lenses that are digitally surfaced and customized to your visual demands
  • Lifetime Warranty on “Child Proof” Childrens Frames
  • Two year warranty on Crizal antireflection/scratch coating
  • Polarized to photochromatic sun protection lenses
  • Nutritional supplements for proactive ocular health care

Experience the Difference... in Quality Eye Care!