Spectacle Lenses


We offer a full line of specialty lenses that are digitally designed and manufactured to provide the highest optical quality  and lens treatments.  Our Progressive no-line lenses:  Ipseo and Varilux S  4D Series (link****)are  custom fit to your prescription, facial  shape  and frame dimensions to give you the clearest and widest vision possible.  The frame-lens measurements are taken with computer technology – Visioffice – to give you the most precise and accurate measurements.

Our Opticians are licensed Registered Dispensing Opticians (R.D.O.) formally trained and experienced to properly recommend and determine what frame style and lens options are best for you and your visual needs.

Specialty Lenses:

  • Polaroid Sun Lenses that will filter out reflected sunlight- The Best in Sunwear
  • Ipseo and Varilux S 4D the highest advancement  in progressive lens technologhy
  • Computer Dual Power  Lenses for vison at both computer and at your desk
  • Vantage Transitions-first of a  kind that change with the light and polarize sun glare
  • OptiFog Lens Treatment that prevents lenses from fogging up
  • Crizal  Anti-reflection, Scratch Coating and UV back surface reflection protection
  • Polycarbonate and High Index Lenses for the thinnest lightest lenses possible
  • Specialty Digitally Curved Sports Lenses to give maximum distortion free vision.

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